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Thinking Outside the Box: The History of Cardboard Boxes


In the current days, we just cannot imagine how we would do so many things that we do today if we didn’t have cardboard boxes but cardboard boxes aren’t a discovery of the 20s despite being used the most in these times.

Cardboard boxes go a long way back to the 1800s. The first-ever cardboard box was made in 1817 in England by the firm M. Trever ton & Son. These were not initially used as a packaging or shipping material but were rather used by silk industries. Many people came along after this, trying different methods to make cardboard boxes more durable and dependable. Many models were made with a lot of new additions until 1895 when the first modern cardboard box was designed in the United States by the use of Dahl’s method. These were the boxes that were specifically made for shipping purposes made during the industrial revolution.


Cardboard boxes have evolved a lot over the time and now are a great part of our E-commerce chain. Every single online purchase, be it by a customer or a retailer, cannot be possible without cardboard boxes.

Where the importance of custom cardboard boxes in the E-commerce industry is undeniable, its importance in our daily life is also very clear. They are also used for storage purposes, food packaging, and organizing stuff.

Cardboard boxes were of great help during World War II. They were used to deliver protective masks to the citizens when the British expected to be gas attacked by the Germans.


Cardboard boxes are essential in today’s life and extremely eco-friendly as well. They can be reused a lot of times and can be made into something even more useful. People usually use cardboard boxes to make organizers, gift boxes, pet houses, etc. They are composed of almost 90% recyclable material which is preferably a hundred times better than plastic. These are easily folded into new shapes and forms hence their recyclability rate is higher than any other packaging material.

While we aspire to think outside the box, a box that can be used again and is extremely safe is a great option. The kind of option one can always trust.

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Box & Lid Boxes

These kinds of boxes are used to store things in a simple and decent manner. These are plain square boxes that are covered with a very straight plain lid which ensures the safety of the products inside.
These can be used as gift boxes, first aid boxes, etc.

Die Cut Self Locking Boxes

These boxes are extremely handy and like all the cardboard boxes, these are energy-efficient, requiring less amount of energy. These are manufactured very efficiently leaving a very small amount of waste product. These are suitable for storing small items. It can store items with great safety since the opening gives very little exposure to the air.

Full Overlap Boxes

These boxes are usually used to store heavy items such as milk boxes, juice boxes, etc. These are extremely easy to pack and provide a great amount of safety to the product inside. These have little to no exposure to air assuring the quality of the product in case of the product is a food item. A company can also get its logo and instructions printed on these boxes. These are a great help for industrial use.

Self-Locking Boxes

These are some of the most used boxes in the shipping industry. These are used to store products like notebooks, frames, documents, fragile products made of glass, clothing, and whatnot. E-shops usually print their logos on these boxes making them more appealing. They are highly safe and a great option for packaging.

Archive Boxes

Archive Boxes are very spacious yet not so large and can easily fit in places. They come with a lid on top of them which makes sure that the items inside are not exposed to materials that can cause any defect in them. They are largely used in offices to store documents. Not only they are very handy in organizing big piles of documents but also look very decent.

Why should we use cardboard boxes?

Well, the answer to this simple question is also very simple.
Cardboard boxes are not only exceptionally decent, these are extremely durable, lightweight, safe, and reusable.

We can use them to store literally anything. Household items, grocery items, electrical appliances, sanitary appliances, clothes, documents, and the list goes on. You name an item and we can get you a cardboard box to store it. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized according to your needs. You can completely customize them according to your desired color, size, shape, and design.

Cardboard boxes are suitable to be used by people of all ages. Children these days even have their toys stored in them. These are widely used for arts & crafts purposes.

During the global pandemic that we are still living in , cardboard boxes have been proven to be a better material than any other packaging material. These are easily recycle-able and cause less harm to no to the environment as compared to other packaging material. People can easily use the “Three R Principles” if they opt for the use of cardboard boxes in their daily life rather than using plastic and other such material. Using cardboard boxes and quitting the use of plastic is itself a major good for the environment that any individual can do without making a huge effort.

E-stores these days use cardboard box customization to make their packaging more appealing and elegant. They get them made in the size according to their product and also get their logos, instructions and information printed on them. Good packaging really leaves an impression on the customer which can be a leading factor in growing sales. One must focus of their packaging and when it comes to packaging, the best option available is, as you already know at this point, Cardboard Packaging.

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