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Custom Insert Boxes – Get the Various Trendy Styles of Custom Insert Boxes

No matter how durable your boxes are, you always need Custom Insert Boxes that support your delicate items. Custom inserts are important to protect your items against shocks and sudden movements. Every product is different in size, shape, and material. So getting the right type of Boxes for Inserts is essential.

We at Clear Path Packaging, always aim to provide those Insert Boxes to our customers which attracts them. We know very well about the packaging styles and how important it is to ensure the safety of the product. We make sure that the clients must be satisfied with us.

Types and Designs of Custom Printed Insert Boxes

Custom Printed Insert Boxes which are also known as packaging inserts or printing packaging boxes make sure that your products are safe inside. These Custom Insert Boxes come in the form of different paper inserts, cardboard inserts, or foam inserts. Custom inserts allow you to present your products safely and elegantly in one box. The designing of these boxes according to the items is very important. However, on the outside of the box, you can print the name and logo of the brand in an attractive style. Have a look at our Custom Bakery Boxes and Custom Candle Boxes too.

Types of Inserts in the Custom Printed Insert Boxes

Clear Path Packaging provides various features of design to our customers. You can select many ideas like embossing, debossing, UV Spot Light, shading, and die-cutting window style.

There are some basic types of Custom Printed Insert Boxes. These are as follows:

The Paper Inserts

Paper inserts or kraft paper inserts are lightweight, perfect, and good for keeping products and stationery items.

Cardboard Inserts

cardboard inserts are corrugated and ideal for heavier products. You can keep glass bottles and other delicate items inside them.

The Foam Inserts

Foam insert boxes are best for high-end class items like jewelry, glass, or electronics. Your jewelry items or glasses can remain safe and secure in these foam inserts.

Widely Used Custom Insert Boxes with Logo

The Custom Insert Boxes with logo are very common as they are widely used. Most of the Custom Insert Boxes have dashing and unique logos which are designed by the business owners. We can mold your custom designs of logos into great ones. We have the technique of embossing and debossing as well as can make the styles of the logos attractive.

Get Custom Packaging Styles of Insert Packaging Boxes

Insert Packaging Boxes are the perfect custom packaging and it is also a key to protecting the items inside these boxes. We at Clear Path Packaging offer a protected center locking position with foam inserts. These boxes also have sliding for opening and closing of these boxes. Especially diamond and gold jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and much more ornaments can be fixed inside these foam insert boxes.

At Clear Path Packaging, you can find many custom packaging solutions in a variety of sizes and shapes. We strive for attaining the best quality. They are not only durable but an excellent marketing tool for your business. The cardboard material is highly versatile which we use. You can mold or fold it in any shape or size. So, cardboard is the most convenient type of  Custom Insert Packaging Boxes. It does not matter whether you are planning to design the packaging boxes in rectangular shapes or triangles or circular ones. We always take care of their quality.

Insert Boxes Wholesale – Avail the Opportunity of Getting a 50% Discount on Buying Custom Insert Boxes in Bulk

You can avail the opportunity to getting a 50 % discount on buying the Custom Insert Boxes in bulk. This offer is for a limited time. So, just place your order and don’t think so much.

Free Shipping and Free Graphic Designing at Clear Path Packaging

You can have the facility of free shipping and free graphic designing at no cost. We always avoid the risk of delays and our team tries our level best to deliver your order in just 6-8 business days. We have the quickest turnaround time.

On the whole, we at Clear Path Packaging, offer the best insert boxes which can boost your sales. So, our professionals are striving hard to get the best results and encourage customers to share their design ideas. Custom Insert Boxes Wholesale is a great way to grab the attention of customers.


Whether you’re sending flowers, chocolates, or anything more substantial, you can be certain that your present will arrive safely and tastefully packed in our unique Insert box. It’s all meant to provide the beneficiaries a one-of-a-kind experience they’ll never forget. Thereafter, a better insert box shipping box is used to protect each present throughout transit.

Don’t worry about it; it’s your present. To get a custom gift box made to your specifications, simply get in touch with Clear Path Packaging.

Indeed, that’s to be expected; it adds to the adventure. Throughout the process of checking out on our site, you will be requested to do this.

If you purchase in bulk, we offer free delivery. To learn more about shipping costs and policies.

We’re here to help with one-time or recurring needs for client and employee gifts. Choose out a corporate Insert box from our selection or email us to talk about your specific requirements.

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