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Get Exceptional Custom Printed Stickers At Wholesale Rates


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We offer custom stickers service at affordable price

Consult us and we provide the opportunity to design your custom printed stickers. We can reproduce your specially designed sticker on paper or plastic, depending on your preference. See the variety of environmentally friendly stickers you may have made just for you. Our stickers are designed almost for every situation and may be accommodated by our selective production team. 

A Deeper Dive Into wholesale custom stickers

Stickers are a fantastic product that can be used for practically any purpose, both in and out of the workplace. When it comes to expressing yourself and making our items your own, you have complete leeway. At Clear Path Packaging, our stickers are ideal if you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint and have a need for such a thing.

Opportunity to create your custom printed stickers

You can make your own unique stickers in just a few minutes, whether you want to improve your packaging, brand your products, make promotional materials, or anything else. Our custom product labels on vinyl that can withstand the rigors of the dishwasher and microwave.

Get the custom labels for bottles at affordable price

Stickers made on order. Our custom labels for bottles are a unique, creative, and cheap method of advertising your brand. They are inexpensive and effective in raising brand recognition since they remain visible on surfaces for years. Order our custom product labels to get the word out about your company, and boost client satisfaction and loyalty.

Don’t neglect the opportunity to choose our custom labels and stickers

Clear Path Packaging is happy to customize goals by offering a wide variety of high-quality custom labels for bottles. We offer the best sticker printing that will take it from there once you’ve uploaded your brand or design. White, silver, gold, fluorescent, holographic, glitter, and other colors may be found in a wide range of materials.

Are plastic stickers better than paper ones?

There are countless places you may put labels for bottles, from bottles to skateboards to cosmetics. If you need stickers for a short-term use, like on postage or as a promotional item, you can order them cheaply and have them made to your specifications. Paper printing is great for short-term uses (like food packaging) or indoor sticker applications.

Our custom printed stickers adaptable to any specification, form, or substance

When you print your own stickers, you get to make all the decisions. Stickers may be made to order in any size, shape, substance, and finish. The pages contain them in the section for custom printed labels. In order to give you the most individualized stickers possible, we use high-tech digital presses to print them and precise cutting equipment to get rid of the excess material.

The technology we employ is cutting edge

To provide the best possible quality, we employ cutting-edge printing equipment that is digitally controlled. To get the widest color gamut and ensure we can match the color chart, we utilize eight different inks. Digitally controlled blades or lasers on our sticker cutting machines guarantee lightning-fast turnaround times and pinpoint precision.

Rigorous standards for quality assurance

A production artist who is familiar with common design flaws and printing errors does a thorough quality check on each sticker before it is shipped. Only high-quality custom stickers are sent out to customers, since their quality is strictly monitored.

Get your personalized stickers created in the US right now!

Your personalized stickers will be sent to your door at no cost when you order them online. Obtaining professional grade custom stickers online need not be difficult. The online shopping cart is the result of many man-hours of work. Download our helpful guide to picking the correct custom stickers if you’re having trouble deciding which one to use.

Explore best range of custom printed labels

Simply select the desired size and quantity, and then add your own custom artwork or design. This method is quick and easy. To customers in the US, we provide speedy and free shipping. There is a required minimum amount for each order.

Custom labels and stickers will help your brand stay in people’s minds.

If you’re looking for a simple method to spread the word about your business, consider ordering our custom labels and stickers. Our custom labels are resistant to the elements, and are simple to use. Clear Path Packaging have team of expert designers


Yes, we all type stickers packaging at wholesale price. However we encourage anybody needing expedited shipment to get in touch so we may discuss options.

For your retail packaging needs, we provide wholesale bespoke display boxes. It uses the screen’s best setting for drawing.

The shipping time for the packing boxes is usually 4-8 business days.

If you’re interested in making a substantial purchase, we provide actual samples at a modest fee so you can be sure the box is right for you.

For an extra fee, the turnaround time can be reduced to three business days.

In order to cater to individual tastes, we encourage bespoke package designs from our patrons.

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