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Pillow Boxes

Custom Pillow Boxes- Delivering Great Standards and Quality Products

Pillow boxes have various purposes when they are being used. They can be used to pack a cosmetic gift or they can be assembled easily and save time. Custom Pillow Boxes have an attractive and elegant appearance and they also offer handiness. These Custom Printed Pillow Boxes serve two purposes, they offer a stylish look and they are great at using them. They are versatile and their versatility makes them unique. You can have the packing of custom jewelry boxes, gift and favor boxes, custom soap boxescustom hair extension boxes, bangles, and many more items.

Give an excellent and outclass appearance to your products by packing great Custom Pillow Boxes.

Guaranteed Perfection for Your Customized Packaging

We offer perfection for your packaging needs. Our Kraft Pillow Boxes are of top quality and they are the most creative ones. Get the top and standard quality pillow boxes with the logo by booking orders and our process is hassle-free.

The packaging industry has made a lot of progress in modern society. So the customers are now aware. They don’t like ordinary products that are packed only in normal packaging. They require such a packing style that attracts them. They need customized packing in various shapes and sizes. That is why retailers keep customized pillow boxes in their shops. We always focus on quality and deliver high standards while packing as for us our customers are our priority. Wholesale Pillow Boxes are also available for the ease of the customers.

Our Latest Techniques and Modern Packaging Styles

We use the latest technology and printing techniques and our experienced specialists strive for attaining the best quality. We do help in boosting sales by helping the customers in getting their desired products. We establish the brand image and try to market the product effectively. We struggle for achieving amazing and stunning Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes. So don’t hesitate and always avail the best offers and deals.

Services of Graphic Designing with No Costs

We offer the facility of providing graphic design free of cost. This feature builds up the brand image and it is also for the satisfaction of our valued customers. Now get the designing in your style and fashion. We can mold the product packing according to your demand.

Providing Rapid Turnaround Time

We are providing a fast and quick turnaround time with no delays and risks in our plans. We always keep the satisfaction of customers on top. So, to boost their confidence in us, we render the delivery services on time.

Eco-friendly Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

Our packing material is eco-friendly and is good for the environment. There is no risk in using our custom boxes as they are secure. They enhance the brand’s image and are durable. You can easily use them repeatedly as they can be reused easily.

Clear Path Packaging is an all-in-one Packaging Solution Provider

At one glance everything seems to be very simple to manufacture but it follows a lot of steps that bring perfection in designing, printing, die-cutting, and much more. However, Clear Path Packaging always tries to provide 100% client satisfaction and an all-in-one packaging solution. It is the best packaging solution provider. With the assistance of our experienced staff, we customize pillow boxes according to customized sizes, die-cuts, window cuts, and designs. So, we provide every facility and choice for our customers so that they can easily apply their requirements.

Delivering the Feature of Free Shipping and a 50% Discount on Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale

We offer the facility of giving 50% discount on wholesale and we deliver shipping with no costs. Custom Pillow Packaging Boxes Wholesale is an opportunity for all buyers to get the Custom Pillow Boxes in bulk at the lowest prices. Just try our packaging style and you would get 100% satisfaction. We provide Kraft Pillow Boxes Wholesale for the ease of our customers and to give them a facility where they can pick our products in bulk.

Summing up, we build trust in our customers by enhancing the brand’s loyalty.

Just call us at +1-302-295-0882 or email us at Our professionals will assist you with full support. In case of any query, you can fill out the form and submit it on the Contact Us page.


It’s best to use our pillow boxes packaging for smaller, lighter products like gift cards, chocolates, jewelry, and other such items. They unfold into a form resembling a little cardboard cushion, with tabs that snap together to keep whatever is within safe.

Pinch the top and bottom of the box together to make it sag. Tuck the ends of the box’s flaps in.

A pillow pouch is a type of packaging created by passing a roll of film through a roller, which twists the film into a tube before sealing it or inflating it with gas.

From the tiniest (45mm x 50mm) to the largest (200mm x 200mm), we have them all.

We can print on a variety of different materials for your pillow packs, including silk, gloss, Kraft, uncoated, and recyclable.

It is possible to print all around the perimeter. It’s printed on a single sheet then folded to make a pillowcase.

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