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Get Exceptional Custom Printed Apparel Boxes At Wholesale Rates


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Apparel Boxes

We’re Industry Leader in Producing Custom Apparel Packaging 

If you want your apparel to stand out in the retail environment, invest in custom apparel boxes. We provide affordable rates, and top-notch customer service because of years of experience in the packaging industry. Meanwhile, we can guarantee that your order from Clear Path Packaging will be a happy and fulfilling one. 

We provide the best option with a focus on customer satisfaction and a wide selection of custom apparel packaging. Meanwhile, our goal is to provide the best sort of packaging at wholesale price. 

Personalized Apparel Label Packaging 

You need to make Apparel box purchases, but you have no idea which stock material or surface finishing will work best. Our staff’s top priority is helping you make the best decision possible. What sort of packaging will you get from Clear Path Packaging? Here are some apparel boxes wholesale options:

Our Custom Apparel Boxes Gift Sets Are Also Amazing

Do you wish to present your Apparel in a more fashionable manner? There are attractive gift boxes with lids that you may get from us. Have you thought about bringing any high-end accessories, such as cuff links or tie pins? At Clear Path Packaging, you may purchase apparel boxes wholesale in bulk

Our custom packaging will allow you to have eco-friendly boxes. Somehow, our mission is to create an affinity between your brand and its intended audience. It’s also important to have interesting and appealing cardboard boxes for any advertising or gift-giving endeavor. 

Different sorts of Apparel Boxes

Flip Top Apparel Boxes

The unique flip-top design of our apparel boxes makes assembling a breeze, and our high-quality materials and finishes will make your finished product seem like a million bucks. The ingenious flip enhances the excitement of opening a brand-new package. 

Effortless Folding Apparel Packaging 

The shallow base and short lid of a folding setup apparel box create the impression of a strong and alluring rigid box. You will often see them used for shipping apparel like another packaging. 

Rigid Setup Apparel Boxes

Setup-type rigid apparel boxes, with their preassembled lids and bottoms, are ideal for a polished retail display. These boxes are spacious enough to fit the merchandise snugly but not too tightly. 

Pop Up Apparel Boxes

The majority use custom clothing boxes for giving presents. However, it makes these garment boxes perfect for giving. You can decorate them with ribbons, bows, attractive motifs, and vibrant colors to make them appear really stunning. 

Attractive Packaging is Available for Any Kind of Apparel from the Us

The fashion business is a hotbed of cutting-edge creativity. Luxury Apparel packing is one such example. Various creative methods for Apparel packing are available in boxes. If you have a unique variety, Clear Path Packaging has the specialists to help you package it. We improve your packaging’s visual appeal as a whole. 

You only have to tell our design staff what you need, and they’ll take care of the rest. We also take care of the design of each garment. 

Why Choose Clear Path Packaging for Apparel Boxes?

A number of factors contribute to this. Some examples follow. Here are some of the many advantages of using our first-rate assistance. Here are some examples of how our excellent assistance may help you. The services listed here are not representative of the full range of what we provide. 

No Cost to You for Shipping or Handling: 

Don’t worry about the cost, since we provide free shipping and delivery on all clothing packaging boxes. As restrictive as the world is, the costs are still manageable.

We Deliver On Time

The time you spend with us is priceless. Consequently, we will ship your order as soon as feasible. It’s the reason why our turnaround time is so short. We will help you with the layout and design of your project at no cost. 

Superior Printing Quality 

Any packaging option is only as good as its printing quality. We at Clear Path Packaging are happy to provide this service at a price that won’t break the bank. It’s included in the deal, too. We provide a wide variety of printing services and can meet your needs promptly and efficiently. 

Ending Lines

It’s common practice for packaging firms to charge for the design services they offer. But we never do that.  At Clear Path Packaging, we provide quality Kraft apparel boxes at wholesale prices. There is no limit to the number of times you can request a modification without incurring additional fees. So, if you want to know more, simply approach us.


Since flexographic printing is widely used in the packaging industry, we make it available to our customers. Flexography utilizes printing plates to efficiently transfer designs on cardboard and other substrates.

Custom packaging gives a product an edge in the market and boosts sales.

The versatility of flexographic printing means that it may be used on a wide range of substrates, including plastic, foil, brown paper, cardboard, and other types of packaging.

When it comes to printing on a wide range of packaging materials, digital printing is one of the most versatile options. Digital printing may be used to produce high-quality labels, corrugated boxes, folding cartons, prototypes, stand-up pouches, and much more.

Printing variable data directly onto boxes using Videojet printers eliminates the need for a broad variety of pre printed box types and the need to apply labels.

It is crucial to advertise, place, display, provide, and safeguard. Promotion is the most obvious part of the traditional marketing mix in our printed packaging, but it doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

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