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How to Pick a Color for the Base of Your Custom Shipping Boxes


White Shipping Boxes vs. Brown Kraft Shipping Boxes

Because brown Kraft and white are the two most naturally occurring colors of corrugated board, they are the most common shipping box colors. Any other color for a shipping box necessitates printing it onto the corrugated board. This procedure usually entails printing the color onto speckled white cardboard.
Consider the distinctions between a brown Kraft or white box and a more traditional brown Kraft or white box if you prefer a more traditional brown Kraft or white box.

Shipping Boxes Made of Brown Kraft

Brown Kraft is the light brown tint that corrugated cardboard naturally acquires during the pulping process. The use of brown Kraft cardboard as shipping boxes gives customers a basic, attractive, and recognizable look. A brown Kraft shipping box’s simple appearance makes firms appear professional and polished.
Brown Kraft boxes have recently gained popularity as a sustainable shipping option. These boxes are somewhat eco-friendly because they are created from recycled natural materials such as crushed and blended wood pulp rolled into brown string. Brown Kraft Boxes degrade quickly and are biodegradable.

Brown Kraft boxes can be customized in a variety of ways. On a brown Kraft shipping box, businesses can print any logo or design they choose. Custom Printed Kraft Boxes offer a wide range of customization options, allowing businesses to determine the size, style, and form of their boxes.
The logo is dark or nearly black in color.
Greens, purples, and deep blues are among the logo’s highly saturated colors.
If there is red in the emblem, but it is a subdued brick or burned red color rather than a vibrant red.
There are no shades of yellow or orange in the logo.

Shipping Boxes in White

The majority of shipping boxes are a speckled white color, giving them an off-white look. Unlike totally bleached white printing paper, a white shipping box retains the deeper overtones of brown Kraft color. Because of their clean and clear appearance, white shipping boxes can give a more striking aesthetic.
Many brands, especially those with the following attributes, can benefit from white delivery boxes:
Brightly Colored Logos or those with vivid pops of pink, red, light green, or any neon hue.
Any logo that has a gradient or several different colors in it.
White logos with a darker outline.
Companies who want the entire delivery box to be noticed.

What Colors Make the Best Shipping Boxes?

Along with the practical considerations of how your box color of choice goes with your logo, your box color can affect consumers’ feelings. While there are no rules prohibiting the use of any base color for a shipping box, some colors are better suited for specific purposes, such as the product or service.

The appropriate color for your shipping box might help you create your brand and inspire greater sales or client loyalty. The correct box color will go well with the product’s color scheme and the brand’s story.

The Cheat Sheet below might assist you in Selecting the Ideal Colors for your Box:

Black and white is both linked with simple design, which can make a business appear more trustworthy in a competitive field. Black, in particular, connotes command, leading customers to regard the goods as their most trusted alternative. White is frequently associated with cleanliness, making a product appear spotless and high-end.

Red: A bright color such as red will help a product stand out and may even make it appear more appealing. Because red is a common color for many of the freshest, most natural foods, it can be an excellent base color choice for food packaging.

Green: A company that wishes to represent its products as environmentally friendly or ethically sourced could choose this solid color. Packaging that is “green” will help a company communicate its sustainability and commitment to environmental protection.

Brown: is another eco-friendly, natural-looking shipping box color option for businesses. Sending merchandise in brown Kraft boxes is an efficient approach for a company to deliver the brand message that it cares about the environment because Brown Personalized Kraft Boxes are totally recyclable and easily reusable.

Blue: Blue may often generate a sense of trust in a brand among customers. Darker blues can make a product appear more serious, making them a good box color for businesses that appeal to working professionals or elderly generations. A lighter shade of blue is more fun, making it ideal for appealing to younger customers.

Orange: shipping boxes are a good choice for brands that wish to convey passion, spontaneity, or youthfulness.

Pink and purple: Both pink and purple are linked with luxury and work well as packaging for high-end products. Pink is a great hue for beauty goods like makeup and hair care since it is associated with femininity.

Yellow generates thoughts of happiness since it is a bright, sunny color. Yellow is a great base color for appealing to younger audiences or for packaging products that are portrayed as being affordable.
In the end, the color of the shipping box that is best for your brand is a matter of personal opinion. Depending on the brand message you’re attempting to convey, your shipping box design might be as colorfully complex or as cleanly basic as you’d like. Keep in mind that the outside of your shipping box should match the contents of the box, so avoid clashing colors.

Is it possible to send a colored box?

Although brown Kraft and white are the most frequent shipping box colors, a box’s base color can be any of a variety of colors. Indeed, the United Parcel Service (UPS) will ship almost any type or style of shipping box as long as it is properly and accurately labeled. If you want to be creative with your own boxes, you may include a logo in any color.

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