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Valentine Cookie Boxes With Window Makes Your Gift Exceptional

Valentine Cookie Box

A Valentines Cookie Boxes with Window, which you can order online, can protect your cookies or any other baked goods that you want to transport without them getting crushed or broken and without too much extra packaging waste, either. If you want to give customers or friends some delicious treats but don’t want to wrap them up in flimsy plastic or paper, bakery boxes with windows can be just the answer you’re looking for.

Style Details

Choosing a cookie box or container is important. Take into consideration that you want to be able to see what’s inside of it, so keep in mind something transparent (glass or plastic) will work best. You can also decide on whether you want it to close completely and have a ribbon attached for that perfect finish.

What is a bakery box?

Valentine Cookie Boxes USA is a practical way to store and transport baked goods. The sturdy construction of these boxes protects delicate items while they’re in transit, while their uniform size ensures they fit snugly into shipping containers and display cases. Additionally, bakery boxes are sometimes used for gifts; packing treats in bakery boxes shows that you care enough to treat them delicately.

How to purchase from us?

Our  Custom Bakery Boxes  with display window come in two different styles to fit any type of cookies.

Style 1: This style fits all round cookies up to 2 thick. This box measures 6 3/4 long x 5 wide x 4 1/2 high, big enough for a 12 count, standard cookie assortment. The window is placed at an angle so you can view your cookies without actually opening it.

Style 2: Our second design is for very large cookies or lots of assorted treats.

Key Benefits of Our Window Treat Boxes

1. Vibrant Printed Designs – You have an option to choose from our catalog or upload your own design. Our state-of-the-art digital printing is sharp and vibrant, creating a look that is meant to impress.

2. Food Safe Premium Quality Cardboard – Our  custom cookie boxes are made of food-safe premium quality cardboard that holds its shape perfectly, even when empty. We don’t use cheap material like white foam board which can turn soggy when wet and collapses under the weight of baked goods.

Wholesale information

As a bakery, it’s essential that you get creative and experiment with the packaging because it will help improve sales. One of our top selling boxes is our bakery boxes with windows. Many bakers use a Custom Cardboard Boxes as their bakery box; but even though they work, they can be heavy and not everyone has access to an industrial printer to create custom ones. Using cardboard can be helpful for those who want to create custom cut-outs and graphics on their boxes without having to purchase customized pre-made designs.

Shipping Information

Most orders are shipped from our warehouses in Orlando, Florida. From there, we use two different carriers to ship orders: Clear Path Packaging USA.  Both are reliable shipping companies that take care of their shipments to ensure safe delivery. Most orders are processed and shipped within 7 to 10 Working Days.

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