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6 packaging types to consider


Well, we all know that packaging plays important role in marketing. Without impressive packaging, your product would not look good though. Packaging is the main thing which attract the customer towards it. For example, you got a nice phone and its packaging is really nice and fleek and would totally be impressed by the packaging just and already got the idea of the product and its importance. Well there is various type of packaging out there and we will find out which one is best for what purposes:

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are commonly known as cardboard boxes because people are not aware of the fact that cardboard also have different types according to its durability though. And the strength they hold. Identifying a corrugated material is easy. It consists of 3 layers, an outside liner, an inside liner and a corrugated medium. The corrugated medium that gives it strength and rigidity.
Corrugated boxes on a larger scale they are mostly made by the recycled papers. Which can be recycled and reused again. As well as the cardboard, corrugated boxes also have different kind of range though like corrugated boxes can be single faced, double faced (single wall), twin wall, and triple wall. They can be used to make packaging with different characteristics.

Paperboard boxes

Well paperboard boxes are based on paper though feel like it is not heavy in weight but cannot deny the fact that strong enough to be easily cut and manipulated to create custom shapes and structures. Having these kind of facilities make it ideal to be used in personalized packaging. It is made from recycled waste paper into pulp, and then bleaching it.

Paperboard have two different types, first one is SBS (or solid bleached sulfate) which can be used for cosmetic packaging, medicines, milk and juice, cosmetics, frozen food and more. The second one is CUK (coated unbleached Kraft) paperboard, which is preferable who wants the natural and environmentally-friendly look of recycled paper, which can be used for similar packaging applications.

Foil sealed bags

Foil bags are mostly seen I most coffee or tea bags, there is a reason of it which is that the products in the bag keeps It keeps the products dense to maintain the flavor, protects it from bacteria coming in and helps increase shelf life. This is not only used for food but it is also used for soil or maybe you can use this for clothing product as well, in this process, they remove the oxygen from the bag to keep the fabric tight and secure in order to prevent the growth of fungi and other bacteria. Cereals, smoked fish, cheese are also packaged with foil sealed bags to prevent from spoilage.


Poly bags

The second name of the poly bag is known as a pouch or a plastic bag. They are flexible, thin, plastic film fabric. Poly bags covers the wide range, we can use plastic bags food items, flowers, waste, chemicals, magazines, and so on. Poly bags are great in use though because poly bags are flexible lightweight, easy to use, can be reused again. Also if you want to customize your poly bags then you can customize according to your taste. You can customize the sizes as well but still remain cost-effective. Most of the poly bags are made with security features, tape attachments, hanging holes, and carrying handles to make sure the products are well secured and visually appealing to the customer.

Chipboard packaging

It is a cost effective packaging, it can be easily customized according to your aesthetic sense though. You can cut, and fold right just according to you. Many industry uses this type of packaging like it covers the electronic, medical, food, cosmetic, and beverage. It comes in various densities and strength is determined by how high the density of the material is. If you want images to be directly printed onto the chipboard, you can treat the chipboard with bleach sulfate, and with CCNB (Clay Coated News Back) which makes the material even more durable. You cannot use chipboard packaging if you are dealing with heavy products because chipboard packaging is light weight that’s why. If you deal with heavy products and chipboard packaging then it would create discoloration and expansion.

Rigid boxes

You all have experienced once in your life that how luxuries the packaging would be like just like Rolex, or maybe iPhone though. You can feel it by their appearances because of its durable and premium appearance. This type of cardboard material is called a rigid box. A rigid box is way stronger than anything else because during manufacturing they use highly condensed paperboard that is 4 times thicker than the paperboard used in the construction of a standard folding carton. According to the luxury appearances and its durability and strength, so rigid boxes are considered as expensive ones. And these kind of boxes are used for expensive jewels and products

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